Our Mission

Economic empowerment of indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCS) including women, youth, and the poor through securing the forest land tenure; and developing alternative enterprises model.

Our Vision

  1. Facilitate the development and revision of local forest laws.

  2. Collaborate with the governments to strengthen forest enterprises

  3. Empower women in sustainable governance.

  4. Conduct capacity-building assessments.

  5. Engage stakeholders inclusively.

  6. Conduct participatory resource mapping.

  7. Develop local biodiversity action plans to secure the rights of indigenous peoples and community forest user groups.

Our Goal

  1. Facilitate to develop of local-level forest laws and regulations for community forest rights

  2. Collaborating with federal, provincial, and governments, the project aims to upscale and strengthen forest enterprises, empower women through training for sustainable forest governance and community forest enterprises, establish and demonstrate the feasibility of such enterprises, and create co-ordination groups of entrepreneurs to establish cooperatives at the local level.

  3. Support local governments in the revision of previously enacted local forest laws and facilitate to follow the participatory process in making laws

    and include content that secures the rights of IPLCs/ CFU

  4. Comprehensive capacity building needs assessment of the key stakeholders including of local government and CFUGs.

  5. Conduct participatory resource mapping exercises in the local communities/Biodiversity area

  6. Recognize traditional knowledge of biodiversity conservation

  7. Inclusive Stakeholder Engagement

  8. Local Biodiversity Action Plan