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Green Foundation Nepal is a distinguished non-profit Social Entrepreneurship organization that has been steadfastly serving communities since its establishment in 2012. With a Visionary outlook aimed at fostering a future characterized by Wealth, Environmental Health, and Societal Contentment, a collective of impassioned social and development activities conceived by Green Foundation Nepal. Their overarching mission is to champion the sustainable management of vital natural resources such as forests, land, water, and agriculture.

At its core, Green Foundation Nepal is committed to nurturing a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature, recognizing that the well-being of both is intricately intertwined. This commitment manifests through a diverse range of initiatives and endeavors undertaken by the organization. From facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogues to spearheading sustainable resource management practices, from Conducting participatory research to advocating for progressive policies and amplifying voice through media channels, the organization operates on multiple fronts to realize its vision.

A defining characteristic of Green Foundation Nepal is its emphasis on Inclusivity and collaboration. Recognizing the inherent value of diverse perspectives and representatives. This inclusive approach extends not only to the composition of its board of directors but also to its dedicated working staff, whose expertise spans the spectrum of natural resource management and development sectors.

Central to Green Foundation Nepal’s ethos is the notion of empowerment. Through initiatives aimed at strengthening farmers’ groups and organizations reliant on forest resources, the organization endeavors to uplift communities, enabling them to become stewards of their own destinies. By fostering the development of green enterprises and sustainable livelihood opportunities, Green Foundation Nepal empowers individuals and communities to thrive in harmony with their surroundings, fostering resilience and prosperity for generations to come.

As custodians of environmental stewardship and champions of social justice, Green Foundation Nepal stands as a beacon of hope in a world grappling with pressing ecological and humanitarian challenges. Through unwavering dedication, innovative approaches, and a steadfast commitment to its vision, the organization continues to inspire.