Janatako ban dot com



Green Foundation Nepal has established the first informative and analytical online news portal of forest sector of Nepal janatako ban dot com (www.janatakoban.com). Janatako Ban works as a watch dog regarding the issues of forest sector .The goal of the news portal is to help and support in the prosperity local community through sustainable forest management through green jobs development. The objectives of Janakoban.com is to

  • Analyze the political economy of the forest
  • Help local community to establish and ensure their rights on forest
  • Advocate on sustainable forest management, forest enterprise and green jobs development.
  • Help strengthening good governance in forest sector and exposed out the corruption
  • Create fifty million green jobs and help in elimination of poverty and unemployment
  • Help in developing participatory plan and policies


Any sorts of forests related news are found in this news portal. For more information you can connect to the link given below