After the announcement of EOI for National Working Group for standard development for Sustainable forest management through website, national news paper and individual emails, we got expression of interest of nine individuals throught he emails and from the reccommendation of different experts in a workshop organized by GFN for selection of NWG, fifteen memebers were finalized as National working Group for the National Standard development. The NWG was divided into three chamber- Environmental, Economic and Social where each chamber is comprise of five memebrs and with a overall leader Mr. Krishna Pokhrel (retired govenrmental person). Overall two meetings were held in combined way before having separate meeting of each cahmber to discuss on- how to decide the criteria and in way to move ahead as well as select group leader for each chamber with the clearifying his roles for the meeting. Each group has conducted three meeting in their chamber already to come up with the poitnts related to their issues. The first draft for the national standard will be updated soon in the website.

The list of NWG are

Name List of members in National Working Group (NWG)- Overall Leader- Krishna Pokhrel-9851202028


Environmental Chamber    
S.N Name Phone number Email Gender Ethnicity
1 Kamala Thapa Magar 9841332288 [email protected] F IPS
2 Sushil Mainali 9851009729 [email protected] M  
3 Ramu Subedi 9851034720 [email protected] M  
4 Dharma Uprety 9849049149 [email protected] M  
5 Bishnu Acharya 9857060846 [email protected] (NFA) M  


Social Chamber    
S.N Name Phone number Email Gender Ethnicity
1 Lila Raj Paudyal 9857620207 [email protected] M  
2 Bharati Pathak 9851113829 [email protected] F  
3 Bishnu Gywali 9851179178 [email protected] M  
4 Jograj Giri 9851141293 [email protected] M  
5 Ganesh BK 9841459640 [email protected] M Marginalized community


Economic Chamber    
S.N Name Phone number Email Gender Ethnicity
1 Bhupendra Chaulagain 9851023866 [email protected] M  
2 Ratneshwori Shrestha 9851052470 [email protected] F Ips
3 Durga Duttta Regmi 9851152295 [email protected] M  
4 Hari Acharya 9846045106 [email protected] F  
5 Nabin Upaddhya (Tribhuvan University) 9741149333 [email protected] M