Currently, the millennium development goals which were targeted to achieve upto 2015 are on ending phase. There have been major advancements and improvements achieving some of the MDGs even before the deadline of 2015. The major concern is what type of agendas and target to be set up post MDG. For the developing countries like Nepal, such type of targets on related concerns counts a lot. With this background Green Foundation Nepal conducted a multi stakeholder dialogue entitled, “Forestry Agendas in Sustainable Development Goals” with the objectives to collect suggestions, and build common understanding among the key stakeholders for the forestry agendas in Sustainable development Goals. The programme was organized on the date of 25th Mangsir, 2071.

Mr. Ghan Shyam Pandey of Green Foundation Nepal initiated the programme with the background and introduction session of each participant. He discussed on governmental agenda on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with highlighting the forestry agendas.

The discussion was started with the views from Mr. Lambart Okrah, Major Groups Partnership on forests where he highlighted that Nepal is strong in sustainable forest management (SFM), so target should be set up for the sustainable forest management which is the common issue of Nepal. Mr. Krishna Pd, Acharya of MoFSC highlightes the contents of the goals at 15 which has stated Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

Different speakers of the programme like Dr. Netra Timsina from NGO Federation highlighted the precise targets in numbers should be indicated. Ms. Aapsara Chapagain, ex chair of FECOFUN stated Indicators to be included for the minimization of human wild life conflict and victimization of human lives. Similarly, Ms Bharati pathak, General Secretary of FECOFUN focussed that SDGs should mark tenure and community property rights which is the major issue in Nepal. Mr. Naya Sharma Paudel, Forest Action Nepal, added agendas of sustainable goals seem more conservative, protective, which highlights the rich ecosystem and poor people.

Dr. Bimala Rai Paudyal stated the position of National Planning commisiion in the agendas put ahead by UN. She further said the contribution of forestry sector for economic prosperity for the community will be pointed out. She wrapped up the programme by saying the inputs of the programme will be addressed in Nepal specific thematic reports.