On the date of 21st Shrawan, 2071, Green Foundation Nepal organized the multi stake holder interaction programme entitled New Budget and Forest Development Programme. The programe witnessed the huge participation of stake holders from governmental, private, non-governmental, media and civil societies sector. The presenter of the programme was Dr. Keshav Kanel, an economist and forest expert. He presented his slides on the title Current Budget (2014/15) and its Implications on Forestry: A preliminary Assessment . He mentioned the recent budget has been allocated more on publicity programmes rather than enterprise development and employment. He further said, in budget, Government has decided to to plant 50 lakhs trees but where, how and to whom responsibility to be given has not been mentioned which proves government has passed the budget without any pre planning. Though Government decided to declare forest decade for coming 10 years but yet there is no any plan. He shared his understanding by saying due to wrong policy of government, locall community could not take any economical advantages from the forestry sector.

Different stake holders like Constitution assembly members have given their views regarding the topic. Hon. CA member Leela Rana expressed that the distribution of budget is not appropriate. While another CA member Mr. Raja ram Syangtan said budget allocation should be decentralized but actually it has been centralized.

Whereas, private sector representative like Mr. Govinda Ghimire mentioned that budget could not address the problem of enterpreneurs and other different factors. Dr. Bimala Rai Paudyal, Member of National Planning Commission stated there are huge constraints in the process of enterprise development but government could not address it. She further added, process of planning, discussions for the budget should be changed.

Other stake holders representing from HIMAWANTI, COFSUN, FECOFUN and RDN have put their views and suggestions. The session was chaired by Mr. Ganesh Karki of FECOFUN where he concluded the discussions of session.