About Us


Green Foundation Nepal is non-profitable social entrepreneurship organization established in 2012 with the vision of Wealthy nation, Healthy natural resources and happy peoples by social and development activists to promote the sustainable management of natural resources (Forest, Land, Water and Agriculture). Green Foundation Nepal has been facilitating the multi stakeholder dialogues, sustainable resource management, and participatory research, and policy and media advocacy, green enterprise development and strengthening the farmers and forest dependent people's organization since the establishment. The founders and board of directors of the organization have long experiences in the natural resource management and development sectors. The composition of board of directors, working staffs are unique and inclusive.


• Sustainable management of natural resources and enterprise, green jobs and market developments.

• Enhance the capacity of local community and ethnic minority for their wellbeing, participatory natural resource management and rural developments.

• Support the poor peoples to organize themselves for their prosperity and fighting against the poverty.

• Support to right holders for Policy advocacy, social campaign and media advocacy.


Promote the sustainable managements of natural resources by right holders groups (local communities, small land holder farmers and indigenous peoples) for the economic growth, and to make the nation poverty freedom.


1. Develop and implement the sustainable forest management plan.

2. Establish the green enterprises and support to generate the green jobs through natural resource management practice.

3. Conserve the bio diversity and promote the ecotourism,

4. Develop and mobilize the local human resources for the integrated management of land, water, forest, agriculture, livestock and ecotourism.

Relevant Experience

The organization has been conducting different  dialogues at national, district and regional level, where leaders, representatives from the government, private sector, civil society, local government, development partners, academics, researchers, community and their networks, journalist, different political parties and other stakeholder are present as participants.  This organization is working under the consortium of Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) and Radio Prakriti community radio of Dang. Different training program has been carried out for Journalists with the objective of developing the new ideas, program, report and article to address the forest governance and forest enterprise development issues under this consortium team. Training events were related to forest governance, forest enterprise development, livelihood improvement and climate change. Different articles on forest governance, forest enterprise development, livelihood improvement and climate change were published on local and national newspaper through this team and many other activities were conducted by alliance of consortium team.

Green Foundation Nepal is doing scoping study on group certification for the sustainable forest management with the support of PEFC and GACF. It is also facilitating to form the national level association of private forestry owners and agro forestry farmers with the support of INTERNATIONAL FAMILY FORESTRY ASSOCIATION (IFFA) and G3 Alliance.