Green Climate talk on – Challenge and Opportunity of Paris Agreement for Nepal

KATHMANDU, 1st Feb- Green Foundation Nepal in collaboration with FECOFUN organized an interaction program with stakeholders and media in the 1st Feb, 2016 at Uddhami ghar to release the statement prepared by Mr. Ghan Shyam Pandey on Will Paris Agreement Doom Nepal's Community Forestry, where he has mentioned that Paris climate change left full option to invest in forestry sector but in context of Nepal, internationals donors are removing their hand from the forestry. We all know community forestry of Nepal has long history and a matter of fact for survival to millions of poor people. So, it will huge mistake, if community forestry of Nepal could not be added in climate change adaptation program.

Mr. Ram Prasad Lamsal of Ministry of environment shared the Nepal's engagement in COP 21 held at Paris.  Similarly, Mr, Arvind Khare from Rights and Resource Initiatives presented Challenges and Opportunities for Nepal from Paris Climate Agreement. While, Ms. Bharati Pathak from FECOFUN stated if donors lessen their interest in forestry sectors, then indigenous peoples, poor and marginalized will mostly suffer from this as community forests are being managed by them. She also added it is unfortunate that donors taking back the investment in forestry and requesting Nepal to take loan. Nepal and Nepalese people cannot afford huge amount of loan again. So, it better to take some steps by Nepal government to make international people  invest on forestry rather than loan.