Public, Community and Private sector partnership (PCPP) model in SFM and forest enterprise development


Green Foundation Nepal convened a multi stake holder dialogue on the topic Public, Community and Private sector partnership (PCPP) model in SFM and forest enterprise development on the date of 7th January 2015 where representatives from private sector, governmental sector, civil societies, and forest based organizations and media houses witnessed their presence. Mr. Ghan Shyam Pandey incepted the programme with his presentation on the topic related matter. He mentioned though Nepal's forest resources have capacity to fulfil the national demand but last year 12 lakh cubic feet wood was imported to Nepal which is very embarrassing situation for Nepal. He added lack of competitive capacity and elite concerned culture, forest right has not been transferred to community. he suggested some alternatives could be advocacy on right and governance based for ensuring rights of community on forest resources.

Mr. Resham Dangi of MoFSC said only 10% is contributed by forestry sector in national economy, private sector should be involved in plantation at degraded land which will help in restoration and resources increase. He further said to unite with private sector to convert abandon land into productive land. Mr. Kapil Adhikari of FENFIT added the section of forest enterprise on forest ministry provides additional encouragement to private sector. But the problem is that the entrepreneur environment has not been developed yet so that future generation can be involved in forest based enterprises.

Similarly, other stake holders put their input regarding the topic and the programme was wrapped up by concluding governmental sector is ready to conduct series of meetings with private sector to ease the environment. Forest is the potential sector to eradicate the poverty so, collaboration is necessary and such type of discussion can bring change in policy level.