Forest and Climate Change Policy and Sustainable Development of Chure


The year 2014 has recently ended with ups and down in the forestry sector and the ray of hope on communities for the management of forests with start of 2015 have grown. To deliberate all the messages, media is a powerful way to get up to the audiences. For the non-governmental organizations like Green Foundation Nepal who works on advocacy, of local communities depended on natural resources for livelihood and conserving it for decades, to get their rights, Media has become the important tool to take out the issue whether in form of print or electronic medium, radio and television. Taking a concern in this background, Green Foundation Nepal convened an interaction programme on Forest and Climate Change Policy and Sustainable Development of Chure  on the date of 4th January, 2015 to discuss on the achievements what we got in 2014 and how to make 2015 a remarkable year in conservation of forestry sector.

Mr. Ghan Shyam Pandey, Chair of GFN discussed that in 2014, government declared the Chure as conservation area by which lives of many community user groups residing in Chure has literally affected. Nepal participated in Peru Conference of Parties in 2014 and presented the aspect of Nepal in Climate change over there. For community forestry 2014 was a mixture of good and bad news. He further delivered let's make 2015  a year for creating forest based enterprise, jobs and take answer from government for the declaration of Chure conservation area.

Mr. Hari Rokka who was a presenter of the programme stated how Chure has come to limelight and the reasons for the degradation of Chure area. Likewise, Bharati Pathak from FECOFUN stated without study government has declared 36 districts as Chure area which has largely impacted on the community forestry user groups. The decision of government of conserving Chure without participation of Community is totally wrong. The participants of the programme were representing the different media house of Nepal and committed to right on the favour of public.