Nepal's Forest Management- Scientific or Sustainable?


Currently, there is a great discussion occurring in the management of forest in Nepal for the naming of management title, whether to be said sustainable or scientific. It refers not only to management but also for whom, how and in whose participation and leadership management of forest activities to be carried out. The great question which arises here is forest management means to trees management only or it touches to bio diversity, economic, governance and social aspect which has become the matter of very importance to get a common conclusion. To build a common understanding among the stake holders representing the private, government, CSOs, parliament members and media on what exactly the priority is for, Green Foundation Nepal conducted a multi stakeholder dialogue on the topic Nepal's Forest Management Sustainable or Scientific? on the date of 30th December, 2014. The chair of Green foundation Nepal Mr. Ghan Shyam Pandey incepted the programme with the background review and objectives. He highlighted on how to make healthy forest and the basic legal procedure for forest management in the context of Nepal.

The Ist presenter of the session Dr. Keshav Kanel, forest expert made his presentations and briefed the history of scientific forest management and sustainable forest management entering in Nepal. He indicated verification, monitoring and certification system as an important component for sustainable forest management in Nepal. Similarly, Mr. Ishwori Paudel from forest department presented his paper based on the practical situation that government of Nepal is adopting for scientific forest management. The last presenter of the session, Mr. Dilraj Khanal, forestry and advocacy expert stated that every international treaties and convention regarding sustainable that Nepal has signed indicated the word sustainable management. He concluded no any debate should rise for adapting the   word among any stake holders who ultimately aim for sustainable management of forests.  

The key stake holders representing private sector, media, governmental sector put their views and every one focused the ultimate goal should be sustainable. Some CSO's representative stated government should practically try scientific forest management in the degraded forest area to regenerate new species and improve the condition. They further said Common concept is for sustainable forest management, if the criteria for scientific forest management differ from the sustainable then they should be put forwards for the deep discussion.  CA Member Mr. Parwat Gurung said in Nepal the forest policy change with the change in bureaucrats which does not happen in any of the developed countries by which they are transparent and more organized. Mr. Krishna Pokhrel of forest department added government has put scientific forest management to improve the condition of degraded forest. Finally, the programme was wrapped up by saying if both the managment stand for sustainable, economic, social and environmental aspect and deals with prosperity of the communities, the debate should not be raised for the words.